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Every component of the "All We Need to Know" project has a specific theme, and each theme contributes to the overall message of the work, which, we hope everyone will discover for themselves and attach their own meaning to.

Songs and Themes:


As free, self-aware individuals living in a complex society, we need the knowledge to ensure that our choices are autonomous, intelligent, sustainable, and that they have value. 

Hypothetical Pollution

If we spend too much time arguing over political and religious preferences we take time away from using the tools and resources we already have to fix many of the biggest problems currently facing us and our planet.  We need to find ways to use the knowledge we already have to focus on our common problems rather than allow our differences to create greater problems for us.


Shadows On The Wall

To be free, and live a life that is self-determined a person needs to be brave and self-aware (or as Simone de Beauvoire would say, 'Enlightened') enough  to distinguish between what is real and when we are being manipulated by others or by our own egos.  


Prelude to Eternity

Self-Awareness and Enlightenment requires an understanding of, a desire for, and acceptance of facts, regardless of bias, preference or allegiance. 



The first step in becoming autonomous, self-aware subjects, responsible for creating our own destiny is to accept the fact that we do exist and that our existence is meaningful.   As Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”  


Look At Where We've Been

Is knowing we exist enough? Understanding and constantly re-examining our lives, striving for truth and becoming the best versions of ourselves is what Socrates said makes life worth living.


Prelude To Reality

Acceptance of the truth we find in examining our lives leads to purpose.  


Chains Of Reality

Identifying, accepting and following our purpose brings meaning into our lives.  


Prelude To Who Am I

Finding meaning is a part of the process of transitioning from who we are into whom we have the possibility of becoming.  

Who Am I

The process of becoming should never end.  As individuals and as a society, we should be continually striving to become the freest, best versions of ourselves.  


Prelude To The Meaning Of Life

We find the greatest meaning by accepting whom we are, using what we have and maximizing our potential while striving for freedom.  


Loving You

For us to achieve enlightenment and be free from the influence and oppression of others and free from our own bias and history, we must love ourselves enough to make the effort it takes to obtain self-examined awareness.

Freedom does not exist in a vacuum, so, it is impossible for us to be truly free when we see other people we care about being deceived or deceiving themselves.

Loving ourselves and our own freedom to be self-aware individuals requires us to love those we care about enough to help them discover freedom for themselves as well.


Edge Of Infinity

When we allow love, virtue and selflessness to be the navigators on our journey through life, the road often leads to a place of unimaginable beauty and fulfilment.


The Miracle

 The miracle of our existence is revealed once we have reached the point of becoming truly aware of who we are and what our purpose in life is, and of the gifts that we have to share with others and with the world. 


Prelude To Love Is All We Need To Know

Of all the gifts we have to give to ourselves, to each other and to the world, love is the greatest.  


Love Is All We Need To Know

Love is a conscious pathway of enlightenment and connectivity that we travel, along which we find strength, respect, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, inspiration and empathy. 



Love is All We Need to Know to free our world from lies, fear, revenge, greed and tyranny.

Synopsis Prologue
Synopsis Hypothetical Pollution
Synopsis Shadows
Synopsis Prelude Eternity
Synopsis Eternity
Synopsis Edge of Infinity
Synopsis Loving You
Synopsis Look At Where We
Synopsis Who Am I
Synopsis Prelude to Who Am I
Synopsis The Miracle
Synopsis Chains of Reality
Synopsis Prelude to Reality
Synopsis Prelude to Meaning of Life
Synopsis Prelude to Love Is All We Need to Know
Synopsis Love Is All We Need to Know
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