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Shadows On The Wall

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Verse 1

Haunted _, by your ghost,

Dreaming _, you re so close,

Wishing _, I'd find you, 

Nothing _, I can do,



Don’t want to believe, 

That, nothing here is real,

Don't want to believe, 

Yet, that’s the way I feel.

There’s no way to conceive,

The darkness of it all,

When the lights that we perceive,

Are shadows on a wall.


Verse 2

Watching, _ the stars shine,

Dreaming, _ another time,

Listning _ to empty skies,

Helpless, _ as years fly,




Verse 3

Knowing, _ you're out there,

Hoping, _ beyond dare,

Living, _ in doubt of, 

Finding, _ a true love,

Searching, _ the endless night, 

Drifting, _ just out of sight,

Feeling, _ your gravity, 

Pulling, _ you close to me,



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