We humans, as a species, have lost our reasons for existing.  Humankind is facing an existential crisis, which, unlike any we have ever experienced before, has the potential of leading to our extinction.

All We Need To Know (AWNTK) is a concert length concept album and musical journey that asks questions such as, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?", hoping that listeners will be inspired to search for meaning and purpose in their lives, which, we hope, will also help humankind discover its reason to exist.

Philosophers, scientists and spiritual leaders throughout the ages have argued that the ultimate purpose of humans and humankind is to love and to be loved.

It is this simple message this musical concept project was created to deliver, "Love Is All We Need To Know."  There are many reasons humans have not learned, or have forgotten this important lesson, and anyone who enjoys the benefits of our material world is somewhat responsible.   Over the past three hundred years our world has transitioned from one in which individuals relied upon the love and support of the community to exist, to a world where individual rights, freedoms, wants and greed have pushed the community aside and championed 'self-reliance' to such a degree that, even though our world is more crowded with people than ever, we, as individuals, have never felt so isolated and alone. 

The 20th century philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, said,
”Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of the men and women who could change the world.” 

All We Need To Know (AWNTK) is a progressive-art, concert length, musical concept project, that consists of song-segments, full length songs, and a narrative of spoken word and poetry segments accompanied by music. 

“In the battle for hearts and minds of human beings, narrative (storytelling) will consistently outperform data in its ability to influence human thinking and motivate human action.”   (quote from economist: Bruce Wydick )  AWNTK uses lyrical storylines to inspire people; to think more independently, to collaborate with one another, to improve communications, to foster understanding, to spread peace and to grow love.


Each segment of AWNTK is designed to encourage listeners to think, with an open mind, about the meanings and importance of specific themes and on how those themes relate to their own reality and to the world they are experiencing around them. 

The words and music of AWNTK are not meant to be an answer in themselves, but are a catalyst for further thought, discussion, creation, and inspiration.  Our goal is to create a highly entertaining and innovative Rock Opera to help bring global attention to the existential problems we face and to inspire a fully inclusive and world-wide participation in the search for solutions.

To achieve the amount of publicity required for the AWNTK goals to be realized we will be inviting a team of musical artists that are not only capable of capturing the worlds attention, but who have the talent, the legitimacy, and the ability to change the world.

We know they can change the world, because they have already done it once before by sharing the single most important universal truth,

“All You Need Is Love.”