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Chains of Reality

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Verse 1

How many trips have you made ‘round the sun?

How far have you gone to help someone?

How many times have you lied to a friend?

And how do you measure the time that you spend?

How do you measure the time.

How many beats will your heart make?|

How many breaths of air will you take?

How many times will you blink your eyes?

How many tears will you cry?


Verse 2

How many times will the universe explode?

Or will it just continue to grow?

Is there the mass needed to reload?

Is that even something that we could know?

Something we could know.

How many candles make you old?

How many memories doe's your heart hold?

How many times have you been in love?

Or wished on a star above?



All things have a start and an end

Anything else is only pretend,

Even time can not break free

From the chains of reality

From the chains of reality 

From the chains of reality



When divided by the infinite,

We all disappear, 

We'd just be swallowed by

The measure of all the endless years.

If eternity is something real,

Then we can't be here,

But who is always staring back at me,

When I look in the mirror? 

When I look in the mirror!



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