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Edge Of Infinity

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Verse 1

When I find that I’m overwhelmed,

I shut down, and I try to escape,

A sailing ship, without a helm, 

On a quest just to get away, 

Sometimes the world’s too big, 

To try and fit it all inside of me,

That’s when I tend to close my eyes,

And set my spirit free.



Thoughts, light as ash in air, 

Float wordlessly through my soul, 

I search for meaning in what I’ve found, 

Then turn around and let it go.

Words alone cannot express, 

The emotions flooding me, 

A cosmic tide’s deep caress, 

On the shore of an endless sea.


Verse Two

There’s so much to understand, 

It’s hard to know just where to begin,

I’m really just a simple man, 

Searching for the answers within.

There’s a truth that’s right for me, 

I saw it shining in your eyes,

A quick glimpse of eternity, 

A lonely hearts reprise.





For a fleeting moment, a long time ago,

I was one with divinity, 

I search for that feeling, everywhere I go,

It just seems to be eluding me. 

Then like a vision, you appear,

And swallow me into your dream,

And suddenly everything is clear, 

On the edge of infinity,



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