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The Miracle

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Verse One

I don't want to close my eyes,

Now that my dreams have finally come true,

If I’d searched a trillion years, 

I’d never find somebody like you,



There’s a billion, billion stars,

Most of them like ours, 

It could have been anywhere, anytime,

Yet your heart somehow found mine,

It has to be divine, 

It’s a miracle, miracle.


Verse 2

I know that I must seem surprised, 

As I stand here, looking at you.

But When I look into your eyes, 

There's nothing else I can do.




Verse 3:

Stars are shining brighter now,

The sky's so blue, everything is new.

A windows opened to my soul, 

Revealing things I did not know



For the first time in my life,

I know why I want to live

And for the first time in my life, 

I know just what I have to give,

You’ve helped me see, 

The person I can be,

And now I want to share it with the world, 

You’ve set me free,

And now I finally see, 

The gifts I have to offer to this world..



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