Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, believed that Aesthetics (creative works such as; music, art and literature) are a form of communication that transcends culture, religion and economic conditions. 


Engage with the world by engaging with the All We Need to Know consciousness awareness themes at The AWNTK Forum: Use the forum to discover creative works and ideas and to share your ideas and links to your creative works related to issues that directly impact our world today.  Together we can create a better world than any of us alone can imagine!

Understanding the world better.  Facts, News Truth and statistics   For Humankind to ever work effectively together we must be able to develop some kind of pragmatic global conscious-awareness.  This is a level of consciousness where we are not necessarily thinking with one mind, but we are connected by the ability to agree on which facts are relevant and where we can go to find the most unbiased source for truth and facts.  

Click here when you are in doubt about any claim or story you have heard and want a well respected unbiased site to check the truth and facts at.

Engaging with aesthetics

Interact with music, art, literature and other creative works to experience ideas and concepts through a variety of creative lenses.

“In the battle for hearts and minds of human beings,  narrative (storytelling) will consistently outperform data in its ability to influence human thinking and motivate human action.”   - Bruce Wydick - Economist


  1. Word Association Game: Using your imagination to match creative works with AWNTK themes.

  2. Creativity that evokes feelings of... Exploring emotions through art, music and literature.


  •  Another very rewarding way to engage with an artist, an idea or a community is by participating.

The internet is full of information about Self-Awareness and Global-Consciousness.  The links below are to pages that contain a few sites that we, and our contributors, found helpful and interesting.

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Global-Conscious-Awareness

  3. A few other sites we have found that are fun to lose, or perhaps find, yourself in.


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