Creative Choices

Our goal is to connect you with the creations of artists who were inspired by the same concerns for our world that you have. 


Please click on the specific theme below to find a wide variety of creative content related to that theme. 


Please note that each week, a new theme will be added that corresponds to the message of the "All We Need to Know" song featured that week.


Week    Song                                             Theme


  1.          Prologue                                                Knowledge                                               

Page Name            Page Description

Home                                            Home Page of All We Need to Know (AWNTK)

Songs                                           All Songs and Lyrics 

Defining the Problem     The Problem AWNTK was created to address

Mission Statement            Explanation of what we are trying to achieve

Overview                                    Strategy for achieving project goals

Synopsis                                     A detailed description of each songs themeTK

Imagine                                       Describes potential process, and concert start

Understanding AWNTK  A little more about who, and what, inspired the

                                                           creation of All We Need to Know.

Alternate Arrangements       Listen to how other artists have interpreted                                                              some of the songs from All We Need to Know, and

                                                          watch a special introduction to AWNTK by 

                                                          American Tenor: Fernando Varela