Creative Choices

Our goal is to connect you with the creations of artists who were inspired by the same concerns for our world that you have. 


Please click on the specific theme below to find a wide variety of creative content related to that theme. 


Please note that each week, a new theme will be added that corresponds to the message of the "All We Need to Know" song featured that week.


Week    Song                                             Theme


  1.          Prologue                                                Knowledge                                               

Aesthetics and Emotion

Art, music and literature are incredibly powerful communication tools, each capable of evoking a wide range of emotions.  Sometimes it is comforting to know others have, or are, experiencing the same feelings we are going through at the moment. 


If art, music, literature or any other creative work evoked a powerful emotion in you, we would love to hear about it.  


Share your experience with us.  Tell us your story or provide a link to the work that impacted you.  Art can, has and will change the world and your story may inspire others to open themselves up to the power of creativity.