Creative Choices

Our goal is to connect you with the creations of artists who were inspired by the same concerns for our world that you have. 


Please click on the specific theme below to find a wide variety of creative content related to that theme. 


Please note that each week, a new theme will be added that corresponds to the message of the "All We Need to Know" song featured that week.


Week    Song                                             Theme


  1.          Prologue                                                Knowledge                                               

Word Association Game

  • Click on the underlined theme below.  

    • This word association game will focus on one theme at a time

    • each theme will be covered in the order that it appears below. 


        Song                                            Theme


  1. Prologue                                              Knowledge

  2. Hypothetical Pollution                        Enlightenment

  3. Shadows on the Wall                         Reality

  4. Prelude to Eternity                               Truth

  5. Eternity                                                Existance

  6. Look at Where We've Been                 Awareness

  7. Prelude to Reality                                Purpose

  8. Chains of Reality                                 Meaning

  9. Prelude to Who Am I?                        Personal Growth

  10. Who Am I?                                         Realization

  11. Prelude to the Meaning of Life           Acceptance

  12. Loving You                                         Freedom

  13. Edge of Infinity                                   The Sublime

  14. The Miracle                                        Consciousness

  15. Prelude to Love Is AWNTK             Love

  16. Love is All We Need To Know          Agape

  17. Epilogue                                              Reflection

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