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Creative Choices

Our goal is to connect you with the creations of artists who were inspired by the same concerns for our world that you have. 


Please click on the specific theme below to find a wide variety of creative content related to that theme. 


Please note that each week, a new theme will be added that corresponds to the message of the "All We Need to Know" song featured that week.


Week    Song                                             Theme


  1.          Prologue                                                Knowledge                                               

Humankind is in the midst of an existential crisis that is threatening to tear our planet apart.   We no longer have a sense of why we are here, or who we are, or where we should be going.

Over the past five decades the explosion of entertainment options on TV, the radio and especially online have fractured audiences into dozens, if not hundreds of segments.  The lines have also blurred between what is entertainment and what is news, and there has been an entire industry built on spreading misinformation.  As a result there is no longer any consensus as to where reliable news, information or facts can be found. 

All We Need To Know is a concert length musical concept project created to help span divisions by using the power of art to inspire people to think more independently about the nature of reality, how to determine truth and the necessity of working together to identify, or establish, accurate and truthful sources of information and news that meet the standards of unbiased, independent and rational scrutiny.

We believe the road that leads to individual self-awareness can also lead to a world of greater understanding, compassion, peace and love. 


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