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Self-Awareness & Consciousness

"Consciousness" is defined as being awake and aware of one's surroundings.  "Awareness", according to the Meriam Webster dictionary is the quality of the "knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists."


The importance of being consciously aware is critical to the development of a Practical-Global-Conscious-Awareness because creating a common understanding of the world around us, and how we exist in it, needs to start with the individual.  The world will not achieve a Practical-Global-Consciousness until we as individuals, and our governments, and our institutions can be self-aware and conscious enough to: 

  • agree on which sources provide unbiased facts, statistics and information

  • agree on how to interpret the facts, statistics and information we find

  • understand all of our own biases and the potential bias of others and their potential cultural and historical biases so that we can prevent bias from impacting our interpretation of the facts, statistics and information we are presented with.  



Global Consciousness
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