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Randy Zahara
Jul 02, 2020
In All We Need To Know Forum
Over the years, since completing the words and music for the All We Need to Know concept project, Jim and I have both said that the inspiration for the work felt as though it was coming from somewhere outside of us, almost as though we were being compelled to write it. The inspiration flowed like a river for the few months it took to complete the project and it was easily the most satisfying period of our creative lives, however, once it was written, we were not sure what to do with it as we are both writers and not performers ourselves. I have always been interested in philosophy, and have read and listen to many authors, philosophers, scientists and creative thinkers, and I am open to the idea that reality consists of much more than humans are capable of seeing, or conceiving of at this time in our history. Though I am open to there being a spiritual component to the universe, until I watched the Ekhart Tolle “Life After Awareness” video today, I did not have a complete understanding of what inspired my writing partner, Jim Shaw, and I to write “All We Need To Know”. The entire video by Ekhart is very informative, but the segment that I found relevant to our experience is contained in the first few minutes of this video link: We felt from the start that this project would not be a commercial one as it did not follow any of the 'rules' of today's music industry, so, we knew it would be difficult to find an artist or any music industry publishers or management companies who would be interested in developing the project. As we are writers and not music industry executives, we did our best to share the message of the "All We Need To Know" concept project with the world, but, without any support or interest from the music industry, we have been on our own trying to find the right 'vehicle' to get AWNTK to its intended audience, and, even though we have never completely forgotten about AWNTK, we did move on with our creativity and energy, continuing to write songs, more concept albums and even a full length rock opera, however, AWNTK has always been on our minds and close to our hearts. In the last part of 2018 I began to listen to a series of podcasts on the history of Philosophy. It was then that I discovered that many of the messages of AWNTK had already been delivered through the works of some of the greatest thinkers over the past few millennia. The messages are simple and timeless, but, as the world, and its people, change and evolve, the ways in which messages are delivered need to adapt as well. It was this realization that inspired the creation of the website, to share the music and messages of the AWNTK project with today’s online and technologically advanced audiences. is just a starting point, it is a garden waiting to be seeded, a block of marble waiting for the sculptor, a blank canvas and open forum that is meant to evolve into whatever the universe intends it to be, so, if any of the ideas from the musical work or the website resonate with you, please share your thoughts and inspiration and become a part of whatever purpose “All We Need To Know” was meant to serve....
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Randy Zahara

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