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Everyone Can Be Involved


Listen to the songs, review the site, think about what is important to you then scroll down this page and see all of the ways you can help make a difference. 


You can be as involved as you like, even just thinking about your role in the world is a great start!


  1. Spread the word:

    1. Use your social media contacts, your social networks and your influence to connect others to the All We Need To Know Message.​

  2. Promotions and Marketing

    1. ​If you have experience, or talent in promotions and/or​ marketing related to arts and culture, and have a desire to help change the world for the better, please contact us at

  3. Research 

    1. If​ you enjoy research, have an interest in arts, music and culture and want to change the world, we need you to find compelling, entertaining and engaging content to add to the AWNTK site. Visit our submissions page and start right away!

  4. Review and Editing

    1. Review:  If AWNTK is going to ​be a relevant, engaging and entertaining site we will need to ensure that all submissions contribute to the goals of creating an online creative community dedicated to improving our world.  If you enjoy reviewing content and determining if it is applicable and how it is best used, we need your help, please contact us at

  5. Administration: 

    1. ​​We will need a hand with administering the ​site if it becomes successful.  If you are interested please email us at:  

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