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Before submitting please read the Submission Policy below


Click on the theme listed after each "Song Title" to submit your content or ideas related to that theme


"Prelude" Knowledge,   "Hypothetical Pollution" Enlightenment

"Shadows on the Wall"   Reality  "Prelude to Eternity" Truth

"Eternity "Existence, "  Look at Where We've Been" Self Awareness

"Prelude to Reality" Purpose,    "Chains of Reality" Meaning

"Prelude to Who Am I? "Belief,   "Who Am I?" Metaphysics

"Prelude to the Meaning of Life" Fulfilment,                         "Loving You" Happiness,    "Edge of Infinity"  The Sublime

"The Miracle"Consciousness,                                                  "Prelude to All We Need to Know" Passion

"Love Is All We Need to Know"Love,   "Epilogue" Agape 


Submission Policy


Any submissions that do not adhere to the policy below will be removed by site administration. 


All We Need To Know is a concept project that was created to flow in a specific order so, although submissions will be accepted for all themes, they will not be accessible to the public to view until that theme has been introduce by this website. 


All creative work submitted must be the creation of the person submitting the work, have explicit permission of the work's creator or provide accreditation to the creator of the work.


All creative work must relate in some way, to the theme of the page it is being submitted on.  If the connection to the page is not obvious, please use the forum comment section to explain the relevancy of your submission to the theme of the page. 


All submissions must be respectful to the over-all goal of this site which is to inspire people to have the courage to share their perspective and to think more independently, about the purpose of their lives. 


This is not the place to submit any content that is meant to subvert the truth or to use propaganda to advance a specific agenda.  Lies, missinformation and hateful or negative content will not be tolerated.


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