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Aesthetics & Emotion: Feeling the Art

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Art, music and literature are incredibly powerful communication tools, each capable of evoking a wide range of emotions.

Art, music and literature, have and will continue to change the world. Your story(ies) may inspire others to open themselves up to the power of creative inspirations. Is there a song that riminds you of the first time you were in love, or a movie that changed your mind about eating meat, or a painting that inspired you to follow a dream? Please share your experience(s) below, they could make a little difference in the world, or even a world of difference in someones life, or they just might be inspirational or interesting reading for someone else.

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A friend of mine went on a solo, and soul searching trip around the world in 2000. While on her journey she stopped at the UN's innaugural "International Women's Art Exhibition" and experienced an oil painting that changed her life and as a result, dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of girls and young women in Nepal over the following decades.

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