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  1.  Significant and rapid change is necessary for our world to survive and to thrive. 

  2. We need to work together to solve the problems of our planet.

  3. To work together effectively, we must share similar priorities.

  4. Just as there is a hierarchy of needs for humans, we believe that our planet also has a "Hierarchy of Global Needs". This must be considered if we are to build a sustainable future for the earth.


Hierarchy of Global Needs:


  1. Environment - If the environment fails, everything else crumbles.

  2. Integrity - The value of a democracy depends on our leaders' credibility and the knowledge of our citizens.  

  3. Governance - The role of Government is to protect citizens and to create a level playing field for economic growth and social and cultural development.

  4. Compromise - Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice short term objectives to achieve long term goals. This is acceptable as long as Environment, Integrity and Governance remain the top priorities and are not irreparably set back.

  5. Economy - To achieve social goals and environmental rehabilitation, a strong, fair and sustainable economy with an equitably adjusted distribution of wealth is important.

  6. Social - To facilitate a global community where the primary goal is to create a sustainable environment capable of supporting ongoing improvements to the social well-being of humankind.

  7. Cultural and Spiritual - To create a framework within which all people can co-exist, communicate, cooperate and create a better world together.

We, you and I, "The People" do have the power to govern ourselves in the way that we believe is best.  If you agree, help us show that there is support for meaningful change, simply click here "Support" to send us an email of encouragement.  Thank You!


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