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Check news sources and facts for bias & accuracy


  • Check the political bias of any news or media site

    •  Quickly and easily check to see how biased, or reliable, the news and facts are that you are getting from your favourite news sites such as; CBC, BBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC and thousands more.

  • Search for unbiased stories on topics you are interested in

    • Type the keywords for a story you are interested in into the Google search box of the factual news search section and hit return and you will be provided with unbiased, factual stories from news sources you can trust.  

  • Snopes: the internet’s definitive fact-checking resource
    • Another great, unbiased, site to check stories that sound like they might be untrue.  This is a great site for looking up "old wives tales" and "urban legends".
  • Politifact: a great source for American political fact checking:
    • "Founded in 2007 by the Tampa Bay Times, utilizes reporters and editors from the Times and affiliated media outlets to fact-check statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups”.  
  • links to 10 of the most reliable, unbiased, Fact Checking Sites:
    • "A good fact-checking service will write with neutral wording and will provide unbiased sources to support their claims.  Look for these two simple criteria when hunting for the facts.  Happy hunting!" (
  • Exposing disinformation on the internet, "The Global Disinformation Index"  ​(This site is still under development, and not operational yet, but, they already have some good information about disinformation on the web and why and how the GDI is being created to combat it.  The searchable index is not yet operational though.)
    • The purpose of disinformation is to deceive you into supporting policies and making decisions that are not designed to be in your best interest, but only to add to the wealth and/or the political power of those responsible for the disinformation!
      • Watch the following video, and find out how you can help stop the spread of disinformation on the internet: 
      • The Danger of Disinformation


  • Sleeping Giants: How to take action against Disinformation on the internet. 
    • Sleeping Giants is a twitter account that allows you to notify advertisers when they are advertising on sites that spread disinformation, bigotry or sexist content.
  • Identifying Logical Fallacies
    • If a politician or lobbyist (or anyone) sounds like they are trying to avoid answering a question or are being vague or unclear on an issue they are probably using one, or more, deceptive techniques called "Logical Fallacies" which are used when facts and truth do not support an argument.  


Pre-screened reliable, Factual and Unbiased News Sources that you can trust
Reuters                                          Associated Press



News sources that are highly factual, but, have some left or right bias based on the types of stories they cover or language they use:


  • The Guardian                    Slightly Left-Centre Bias

  • CBC News                        Slightly Left Centre Bias

  • Vancouver Sun                  Slightly Right Centre Bias

  • Wall Street Journal           Slightly Right Centre Bias

Reliable Facts and Statistics Sites


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