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Demo by Pink Floyd Stylists "All In All"

Hypothetical Pollution  

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Verse 1

Tides are moving in and out,

Children running all about,

Building castles in the sand,

Nothing made will ever stand,

Time devours everything,

Overpowers pawn and king,

Crumble's iron into rust,

We aren’t even specks of dust.



We’re looking for the answers to questions un-thought of,

While floundering in a sea of solutions

We are because we are, and that’s all we need to know,

The rest is hypothetical pollution.

Verse 2

On a wave that can’t be stopped,

We ride before we drop,

Drowning in an endless sea,

Swallowed by eternity,

Mathematicians try to show,

Directions of the cosmic flow,

Goldfish in a giant bowl,

Guessing things that can’t be known.


Verse 3

In the beginning, there was nothing here,

Only empty space to fill up the years,

Distance and time were one and the same

Or was it the end just beginning again

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