Sep 26, 2018

Prologue - What is knowledge?


Edited: Sep 2

Knowledge is required to make independent choices that have value.

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How do we know what knowledge is? What is truth? If we wish to make an enlightened decision in a partisan / tribal world, we need to be able to identify what truth and knowledge are, and we must be able to filter out all the propaganda and political bias. Only when we have the will and courage to do this will we be able to better understand the world we live in and our own role in it. This type of examination of knowledge is called Epistemology and the state of awareness and freedom we achieve through this process is called Enlightenment


The "All We Need To Know" Prologue raises questions related to Epistemology. This song is an introduction to the concept, which we hope will provide an inspiration for some people to engage in further reading.


We have found some helpful resources related to Epistemology, and other informative Philosophical content at Philosophize This, a podcast by Stephen West. Especially relevant is episode 63 in which Mr. West discusses Immanuel Kant's view on the limits of human knowledge.


"If we could adopt the mindset that knowledge is prescious and that when things go wrong it is not because there is some kind of evil force that needs punching in the gut, and spitting at, but because we are not understanding something, and it is our job and our duty to seek to understand, to look for those errors and if we were to adopt that mind set there is literally no limit to the journey we could go on together." A quote from Chris Anderson, 'The guy lucky enough to run TED'. From the TED Talk Interview, "The Infinite Reach of Knowledge" by David Deutsch


If you have thoughts on Epistemology, or have links to other informative or enlightening content, please post below. Please note, only positive, helpful content will be permitted, if you are only capable of providing destructive or disrespectful content, please find a different site to troll.


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Nov 23, 2018Edited: Nov 23, 2018

My wife loves to read, as do I, and so, I can relate to "Knowledge Is Power" by Seymore Joseph Guy.



Nov 23, 2018

Is Knowledge Power, or, as this video suggests, is it only potential power?


Nov 23, 2018

Philosophy Tube is one of my favourite online Philosophy sites, here is his take on what knowledge is.


Nov 24, 2018

Australian singer songwriter, Meri Anag does an interesting music video take on Knowledge. She is quite entertaining.


Jim and I Just finished our latest song called "Enlightenment", which I feel fits with this theme. It was a challenging lyric for Jim to have to work with, but I think he did an amazing job. Here are the lyrics. Click on the title here to play the song:

"Enlighten Me"

Every Night I embrace the void

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  • Epilogue Please scroll to the bottom of this forum page to add your own comments or content. Can the answers to the following questions lead us to a truer view of reality, a life of greater meaning and a deeper love for the world around us? What knowledge is within our grasp? Why do we let what we don't know divide us? How do we ensure that what we are experiencing is the most relevant version of reality for us? What is Truth, what is Time? How do they impact our perception of reality? Is Socrates right, does the "Examined Life" make our life more worth living? Does understanding where we came from help us understand where we are and where we are going? What is more important, where we came from (the past), where we are (the present), or where we are heading (the future)? Does our life have meaning? Does it matter if our life has meaning? What questions should we ask ourselves when we are looking for what gives our lives meaning? How important is understanding ourselves for our lives to be meaningful? What role does, "Who I Am." play in how meaningful life is, and does it have any determining influence on what the purpose of life is? Does "Meaning" lead to "Purpose" and ultimately to "Fulfillment" ? Does finding meaning open a doorway to connect to others, and to the universe itself, or does searching for, and developing those connections lead to meaning? How does connecting to one another help us understand our world and our place in it better? Does learning to love ourselves enable us to fall in love with others, and our ability to love others lead to opening our hearts to strangers and the world we live in? If we all became capable of truly loving one another, wouldn't this world become a wonderful place for all of us to live in? If "Love" isn't the answer, then, what is?
  • Love Is All We Need To Know Love is All We Need To Know (Fernando Varella Version) Love is the power of the gravitational pull that the soul exerts upon the universe, and that the universe has upon each soul. Are you tired of the hatred and negativity that divide our politics, dominate cable news and spread like a wildfire through social media sites? Do you believe that our world would be better off if we treated each other with more love and fairness, and if we spread hope and respect instead of fear and hatred. The world pays attention when a message is simple, forceful and has broad support. If you agree with the following quote please click on the link under the last line of the statement below and add your name to the list. Join us in this effort to show the world that it is time for a change... "I believe we get further when we build each other up instead of knocking each other down, when we look to the future instead of dwelling in the past, when our principles are valued too much to put them up for sale, ...and I believe that the power of love is stronger, will last longer and will create a better world than the love of power ever could!" The Power of Love Petition Of all the gifts we have to give to ourselves, to each other and to the world, love is the greatest. Love is a pathway of enlightenment and connectivity that we travel, along which we find the strength, respect, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, inspiration and empathy needed to free our world from lies, fear, revenge, greed, hatred and tyranny. Please scroll to the bottom of this forum page to add your own comments or content. Philosopher Erich Fromm wrote: "If I can say, “I love you,” I say, “I love in you all of humanity, all that is alive; I love in you also myself.” Love touches every aspect of our lives. Love is nothing else than the realization of the species because in love , one is related to other human beings as one is to oneself. In love we share the suffering of others as our own., and in Love we find the voice to communicate with the infinite. One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, and compassion. (Simone de Beauvior) God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? (Friederich Nietzsche "The Parable of A Madman") Even before Nietzsche, wrote of how science, progress and modernization had killed God, Philosphers had filled countless volumes, and had dedicated centuries of thought to developing a moral code of ethics and duty based on secular reasoning and rationale. Their great challenge was to justify why, outside of any kind of metaphysical belief sysetem, independent, consciously aware, free people should support universal laws of morality and justice that require them to occasionally act against their own interest in support of some social or altruistic goal. The only realy answer to this question, is because their love for someone, or something else is greater than the sacrifice they are making for the object of their love. Love is All We Need To Know!!

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