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This Demo of "Eternity" was recorded by Pink Floyd stylists "All In All" 


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Verse 1

Billions of years have passed by,

There's billions of stars in the sky,

Endless planets, there's just one with you.

And it's hard to believe that it's true,

Quite impossible too,

That we're even here, yet,

somehow I found you..

Oooooo, ooooo, oooooo aa,



E-ter-nit-ies A cosmic fallacy

That we think we see,

It's just make believe.

A Philosophy, Taught to you and me

Not reality, A brilliant fantasy,



Verse 2

The Sands of Time forever pass,

Like mirrors inside of a glass,

Reflecting the pain, and, the love we feel,

And we live to learn what is  concealed

Will the universe ever reveal,

If this is just a dream or,something real?

Is it something real?


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