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We believe this is a project we are meant to write.  We believe it comes from a place beyond our conscious minds, and for a purpose that is still revealing itself to us.  "All We Need to Know" does not belong to us alone, but to a much larger community who, we hope, will be inspired to think more independently about their own purpose in life and how they might help improve the world that we all share.

This is an interactive site.  We encourage visitors to listen to the songs, read the words, and then click on the forum link located under the title of each song to go to the discussion page related to that song.  There you will find our thoughts about the songs as well as other listeners comments and interpretations of the songs and links provided by you and from our own ongoing evolving understanding of the songs.

All We Need To Know is about:

  • Filling our lives and the world with love, hope and inspiration

  • The pursuit of knowledge and the compromise of reality

  • The creation of purpose and the celebration of meaning

  • The acceptance of self and the necessity of collaboration and cooperation


  • AWNTK is not the performance or the recording, it is the memory of salty trade-winds and palm trees silhouetted against a tropical sunset each time you hear the white sandy beach vocals of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

  • AWNTK is not the ink, nor the quill, it is the weight of the albatross sitting upon your chest as you read an epic poem of wanton waste and remorse

  • AWNTK is not the camera or the film, it the taste of  cold steel that brands your palate with an acidic hatred for the violent indifference of war as you look at a photograph of a naked girl running down a jungle road to escape the fiery inferno of the napalm bombs destroying her village

  • AWNTK is not the director or the documentary, it is the gag reflex you feel whenever you smell the thick, lard-laden, scent of frying fat ever since you watched the video on factory farms

  • AWNTK  is the way in which you relate to the world once you allow yourself the freedom to experience it through the photographer’s lens, the maestro’s baton, the writer’s quill, the troubadour’s song, the painter’s canvas or the sculptor’s marble


All We Need To Know is that individually, we each have the ability to make a difference and that collectively we have the ability, and the responsibility to change the world.

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