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  • Lyrics and Website by Randy Zahara

  • Music and Performance by Jim Shaw


  • A concert length musical concept project consisting of

    • Spoken word segments set to music

    • Poems set to music

    • Song segments and full-length songs​

  • A Progressive Rock / Pop music mix with hints of Slam Poetry, Blues, Folk and Jazz

  • A pebble that has been cast into the waters of collective consciousness, inspired by:

    • The Philosophy of:​

      • Socrates​

      • Plato

      • Aristotle

      • Descartes

      • Hume

      • De Beauvoir

      • Kant

      • Nietze

      • Kierkegaard

      • Deleuze

      • Chomsky

      • Camus

      • Sartre

      • Fromm

      • Goodall

    • And the writing of

      • Hawking

      • Poe​

      • The Beatles

      • The Moody Blues

      • Pink Floyd

      • Green Day

      • U2

      • Whitman

      • Thoreau

      • Coleridge

      • Fuller


  • To Make a Difference in the World   

    • One of the goals of All We Need To Know is to show how we are all part of something that is greater than ourselves. That our actions do matter.  And that we have a responsibility as stewards of life on Earth to sustain our existence and our quest for knowledge until, as Stephen Hawkings so eloquently puts it, "... the secrets of the universe have been revealed and until we can confidently say that we know the mind of God".

      To act as gods before we have achieved this knowledge and to place ourselves above nature, just because we have discovered how to exploit it, is not only catastrophically dangerous, it is the greatest act of irresponsibility and of hubris imaginable.


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