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Imagine what could be possible if the most influential musical artists of all time united to deliver a powerful and simple message of inspiration for humankind...

All We Need to Know (AWNTK) is a concert length Rock Opera that was written to encourage listeners to embark upon their own journey of self-awareness because the answer to the existential crisis that is threatening humankind is not written in the stars but in our own collective consciousness.

The famous 20th century philosopher Herbert Marcuse said, “Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of the men and women who could change the world.”  AWNTK is the canvas and the brush, it is the chisel and the stone, it is the subject and the imagination, which, in the hands of a master artist, has the potential to inspire a new reality for all of humankind.  

AWNTK has the potential of reigniting the power of art to help shape the consciousness of our world, but to achieve the attention and momentum required to inspire all of humankind there is one group of artists uniquely capable of capturing the amount of universal attention needed, as they live and breath the conscious awareness that humankind needs to have awakened within itself, and they are, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, James McCartney, Zack Starkey, Julian Lennon, Sean Lennon, and Dhani Harrison.   

Imagine, a reunion of the Beatles’ family to capture the worlds attention and to provide a focal point for everyone who would like see humanity transition into a new age of peace, cooperation, understanding, tolerance, and love.  

Imagine the first moments of the headline concert kicking off the start of a worldwide festival to usher in a new era of Love, Peace, Tolerance, Compassion, Understanding, and healing for humankind...

Your heart is pounding, your mind is racing, your stomach is in knots, and you can feel the pressure of anticipation in your chest.  You can’t wait for this moment to begin, but you want this day, this moment, this feeling, to last forever.  The lights dim, 100,000 fans are waiting in darkness.  You can’t believe how quiet a crowd this size can be, it’s almost as though they are afraid to breathe. 


Over the hushed murmur of anticipation, a faint fanfare of horns, (borrowed from the beginning of France’s national anthem, La Marseillaise), repeats over and over, growing in intensity at the same time as a soft pool of light begins to glow near the middle of a massive stage framed by the silhouette of ancient Roman columns.  As the volume of the music and intensity of light on the stage continue to grow the crowd begins a rhythmic clap in time with the refrain.  A man with a scruffy beard and moustache and wearing a black suit enters from stage left and walks to the elevated drum-kit while tapping his drumsticks together over his head in time with the clapping of the crowd.  The light continues to grow, more of the stage comes into view.  There is a second drum-kit, a grand piano, an electric piano, an electric organ, brass instruments, and guitars, stools and microphones scattered across the stage.  The music and stage lights have reached concert levels, the drummer settles into his drum kit, and another seven musicians join him on stage, putting guitar straps over their shoulders, picking up brass instruments and sitting down at piano benches.  The crowd has started to chant in time with their clapping, “Love, love, love,”, “Love, love, love”.  The drummer stands up in front of his microphone, still rapping his drumsticks together over his head.  He looks to stage right, an elegant looking man with long greying hair is striding confidently across the stage towards the drummer.  The drummer leans into his microphone, “Sir Paul McCartney”.   “Love, love, love”, the crowd continues to scream.  Paul gives the drummer a hug, turns, picks up his Gibson Guitar and steps up to a microphone.  The music stops, the clapping and the chanting stop, Paul turns to look at the drummer “Thank you Ringo”, the audience erupts into screams of appreciation and returns to their chant, “Love, love, love”.  Paul and Ringo both laugh appreciatively at the overwhelming love and anticipation shown by the audience.  Paul turns and smiles once more at Ringo, and then turns back to centre stage where he is joined by three middle-age men with familiar looking faces.  All four men begin singing, “Love, love, love,” “Love, love, love”, then Paul takes his microphone from its stand and looks to the men on his left, “My dear friends, Julian and Sean Lennon”, “Love, love, love”, then looking to his right, “And Dhani Harrison”, “Love, Love, Love”, then turning around raises his left hand and points to a man in his fifties with shaggy hair and a three day beard just taking his place behind the second drum set “Zak Starkey”, then turning back to the audience, a man with thinning hair and the dreamy McCartney eyes steps up to Paul’s microphone  playing an electric guitar and smiling at Paul.  Paul puts his hand on the man’s shoulder, and smiling says, “My son, James McCartney” 

Turning back to look at the audience, “The family's here at long last, thank God!!”  “Love, Love, Love,”, Paul continues, “And thank all of you, dear friends, who are here tonight, and those of you watching on your screens at home, or at special viewing parties, or at affiliated concerts and festivals around the world.”  Looking into the lens of a camera that was just placed in front of him, “This truly is a historic occasion, and the greatest honor of my life, to be here, at the beginning of a new era for humankind, to help usher in a paradigm shift that is long overdue, to light the fuse of inspiration that will ignite the explosive forces of change and renewal.  Our concert tonight is just a small part of a worldwide festival of peace, love, inspiration, innovation, imagination, and hope.  In towns and villages and cities around the world we are celebrating our ability to find common ground, to work together, to focus our efforts and to achieve wonderous things, and just as importantly, we are celebrating our ability to overcome adversity, division, fear, anger, hatred, deceit, and suspicion." 


Paul pauses for a moment, the audience screams its approval, then Paul begins speaking again, "Over the next two weeks we will be sharing ideas, dreams, accomplishments, information, resources and data and we will be building friendships, contacts, networks, strategies, love and trust.  We have finally found effective ways to use the communication technologies and social networks, that we had become addicted to, in ways that will work for us instead of against us.  We now have the tools, and the ability and the inspiration to create a future that is ours, where peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”. 


As Paul finishes the introduction the music stops, the lights dim completely and a moon rises behind the stage framed by an ocean of bright twinkling stars that cover the entire stage.  The silence is broken by the magical tinkling of chimes, followed closely by a lilting flute, rhythmic base-line and crisp snare brush slap, the audience begins clapping in time once again, and in perfect unison with the performers on stage begin to sing, “When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars…”


  1. Finish Presentation Web Sites

  2. Write up great pitch to capture the imagination of James McCartney and Paul and Ringo and Zak and Dhani and Julian and Sean

  3. Contact Promoters/Agents of James McCartney to pitch the idea to.

  4. Have Paul and Ringo and all the musical Beatles kids record all the songs of the opus

  5. Recruit Partners for World Wide release and kick off festival and following concert tour

  6. Find sponsorship and make media deal

  7. Begin media campaign to promote All We Need To Know project

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