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"All We Need To Know", is an evolving concept project created to entertain and to engage.  

We hope that the music, lyrics and poetry will inspire people to seek the truth more diligently, and to think more independently, about the purpose of their lives.

We believe that the journey of self awareness and self discovery leads to a world of greater tolerance, peace and love.

Concert Concepts

This section is meant to give potential artists and audiences an idea of how the All We Need To Know concert could be performed to provide an entertaining and engaging experience that gives additional insight into each of the projects 17 segments, while also providing a cohesive musical and intuitive journey that has a beginning, a middle and a conclusion.

Pre Concert Experience (30 minutes to start)


  • Recorded music playing at conversational levels (Pink Floyd, Moody Blues etc) 


  • Auditorium lights partially dimmed Multiple Audio Visual Screens drop into place across the stage showing art work and highlights of communications work done during the period that All We Need To Know was being released to the public, one segment per month for a year and a half. 
    As it gets closer to the start of the concert and most people are seated the slideshow will stop and the screens will show several pre-recorded messages from celebrities who were involved with the development of the project, explaining why they feel the project is important and how they are involved.
       Part One: Prologue


  • All the screens are flown out of site, the lights dim to total darkness, while soft music continues to play in the background, but, the music is now live.
    At upstage/centre, a faint warm glow of yellow, orange, and pink breaks through the darkness, as though a sun is beginning to rise.  The music continues, and a high definition video fades in from black, with the sun continuing to rise, illuminating an African savanna teaming with life.  
    A disembodied voice begins the narration, 'Darkness gives way to light when the dawn dissolves the night.'   Next, the camera follows a heard of wildebeests running across the savanna, then finds a small village in the distance. 
    As the narrator says 'Ignorance wanes as knowledge grows', The view zooms away from the animals to a village courtyard where Socrates is giving a lecture to students.  They follow Socrates' gaze into the sky looking perplexed as the narrator says, 'we are left to presuppose
    questions of truth beyond our grasp we reach out and try to clasp...
    '  The camera continues to zoom out towards the starts that Socrates and his students were looking at, then zoom back down to earth, but it is night time again and the scene is a cemetery that looks like something from a Dickens novel, then it zooms in on three graves, the first is Einstein, and there is a quote, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  , and the narrator says, 'but our tools, merely sticks and stones Inter our wisdom with our bones.  Everything’s a function of time and place..'


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