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The goal of the AWNTK community is to help improve interpersonal and global communications and cooperation by using our collective expertise, knowledge, experiences, ideas and feelings related to concepts such as reality, truth,  purpose, meaning and love to create tools and systems that are unbiased, factual and reliable sources of information. 


Ways in which you may be able to Participate

      Topic                                  Brief Description

  • Share opinions            Fill out surveys and questionnaires

  • Research                      Looking for unbiased / factual sites
                                          and sources of information                                                      Finding universal definitions for 
                                          specific words and concepts

  • Develop                        Develop tools, websites and apps
                                          to assist with goals

  • Share and Promote     Share information about the AWNTK
                                          project and promote the goals and
                                          tools or information developed by 
                                          this project

  • Coordinate                   Develop links and relationships         
                                          with other websites and
                                          organizations that have similar

  • Artistic Creation         Use your artistic talents, (music, 
                                          literature, graphics, fine arts, what-
                                          ever they may be to contribute to
                                          the conversations and themes.

  • Other                            As we progress we will find many 
                                          useful ways in which to participate


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