"All We Need To Know", is an evolving concept project created to entertain and to engage.  

We hope that the music, lyrics and poetry will inspire people to seek the truth more diligently, and to think more independently, about the purpose of their lives.

We believe that the journey of self awareness and self discovery leads to a world of greater tolerance, peace and love.


"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."  Erich Fromm


Attention Artists:

Musical Artists and/or Duo's or Groups:

You can be part of the "All We Need To Know" concept album  being produced to inspire the entire world during the historic SpaceX flight of @DearMoon in 2023.

Please email us to learn more about this exciting and creative opportunity to isnpire our world, or simply post a musical demo of you performing one of your songs or one of the Songs from the AWNTK concept project on our Forum.

(For all submissions; include your name, contact information and a link to your own music).

We hope that "All We Need to Know" will help to inspire visitors to search for greater clarity of purpose in their lives, and that the thoughts and conversations sparked by this project provide some help to those seeking the answer to the problem of human existence, defined as the loneliness of humankind; "we are born alone, we are responsible for our own existence, and we die alone."   

We believe that the journey to self-awareness can also lead to a growth in global-conscious-awareness and a world of greater understanding, tolerance, peace, and love...

...at this critical time in human history, are there more important questions to ask ourselves than who we are as individuals and as a society, and why have we allowed ourselves to become so isolated?
All We Need to Know is a musical concept project by Randy Zahara and Jim Shaw.



 America's Got Talent finalist Fernando Varela talks about All We Need To Know


For a better understanding of the “All We Need To Know” project, please click here: “AWNTK”

Contact us: info@awntk.com