"All We Need To Know", is an evolving concept project created to entertain and to engage.  

We hope that the music, lyrics and poetry will inspire people to seek the truth more diligently, and to think more independently, about the purpose of their lives.

We believe that the journey of self awareness and self discovery leads to a world of greater tolerance, peace and love.

All We Need To Know is a musical concept project designed to entertain and engage. 

We hope AWNTK 
inspires visitors to search for greater clarity of purpose in their lives and that the thoughts and conversations sparked by this project help contribute to a growth in global consciousness

We believe that the journey to self-awareness also leads to a world of greater understanding, tolerance, peace and love...

...and at what better time has there been to re-evaluate who we are as individuals and as a society. 

All We Need To Know is the effort of a pair of songwriters looking for answers in a complex world.  We invite everyone who wants to take a similar journey to join us, but, if you do, please remember this is just a small site so your ideas or comments may not be responded to very quickly if we get busy. 


If you believe our world could use a little more love right now and would like to become a part of our very small community to reach out to others who have found this site, please email me at thezaharas@shaw.ca or at info@awntk.com to let us know you would like to help out in some way.  Thank you!


All We Need to Know is an original concept project written, designed and performed by the songwriting team of Randy Zahara and Jim Shaw.  

The entire album, and individual songs, are available for download at:



or listen for free by clicking on the "Songs" link at the top of each page

            Fernando Varela the incredibly talented tenor

         from the America's Got Talent finalist group Forte

                    talks about All We Need To Know


For a better understanding of the “All We Need To Know” project, please click here: “Ripples”

Contact us: info@awntk.com

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