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  1. The AWNTK Self Awareness Goal:

    1. To encourage people to think independently and to seek truth, understanding and that which gives their lives meaning and purpose...

      1. To encourage more tolerance, love and peace.​

      2. To establish common goals and greater cooperation.

      3. To help facilitate the growth of a practical global consciousness and conscious awareness.

  2. AWNTK believes that Practical Global Conscious Awareness:

    1. Is achieved when people who have a different background, history and culture achieve the individual communication and cognitive abilities to be able to see the same facts and hear the same truths and come to the same conclusions despite any pre-existing biases. 

      1. When we are all able to agree on the major problems in the world, what has caused them and how we can work together to fix them we will have achieved the level of Global Conscious Awareness that our world so desperately needs today.

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