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"All We Need To Know", is an evolving concept project created to entertain and to engage.  

We hope that the music, lyrics and poetry will inspire people to seek the truth more diligently, and to think more independently, about the purpose of their lives.

We believe that the journey of self awareness and self discovery leads to a world of greater tolerance, peace and love.


AWNTK Innovations:


"Innovation and commerce are as powerful tools for creating social progress as they are for driving technological advancement."

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw


AWNTK is a full-length musical concept project that is ready for development as a Rock Opera, a touring Multi-Media concert/stage production, a full-length musical concept film and an online musical and cultural phenomenon.   


AWNTK's theme, structure and scope are not only ready to meet the changing needs of the music industry they are a template for building strong, functional and versatile bridges between the worlds of music and art and the world at large by recognizing...


  1. The growth of Activism and its influence around the world

  2. Creating compelling cultural moments

  3. Using new technology and platforms to engage fans on a global scale.

  4. Exponential growth in online music and creative content sites

  5. A shift from streaming sites like Spotify to individual artist Subscription services

    AWNTK's theme, structure and scope are ready to meet the changing needs of the music industry


  1. The power and reach of a constantly evolving and diversified social media have facilitated the rapid growth of activism over the past decade: 

    • People want their voices heard and are becoming more active in politics, in protesting and in trying to change their world for the better. 

    • All We Need To Know was designed to;

    • Activism is at the core of AWNTK's purpose


  2. Musicians are increasingly realizing that success is not just about releasing songs or posting social-media updates—it’s also about creating compelling cultural moments where fans can bond and connect with each other in real time:  

    • AWNTK encourages audiences to think about their lives and the world around them and to engage with their own consciousness and with others who are also on a journey of self-discovery            

    • The songs and online tools in the AWNTK website provide a forum for ongoing communication between;

      • fans

      • site administration

      • and artists

    • The AWNTK purpose is to create an environment where shared ideas and experiences lead to;

      • personal and community growth

      • cultural development

      • and compelling cultural and social moments

  3. The importance of live fan engagement in a sustainable music career is nothing new, but the global scale of the platforms and tools for orchestrating these moments is:

    • AWNTK is designed to allow real-time conversations  between artists and fans on the AWNTK Forum Page

    • AWNTK also will have a Podcast which will cover each song in the AWNTK concept project in the order of the song's appearance in the project

    • The podcast, forum and other opportunities for fans to engage with the artists, writers and administrators of AWNTK creates a powerful collaborative environment that;

      • adds to fan engagement

      • enhances subscription value and experience

      • strengthens the artists base and expands resource availability

      • provides additional support for the artists' music and ideas to result in actual cultural and social benefits

  4. Exponential growth in the online music and creative content sites has created significant demand for original creative content.

    • A forum, such as AWNTK, that makes longer works not only relevant but desirable, helps revitalize the LP (Long Play) format and gives more options for storytelling. 

    • The design of the AWNTK website makes every song relevant by weaving each into the overall fabric of the AWNTK story.  This strategy is ideal for telling stories that are too large to fit into one song.  It is also effective for covering complex social and/or cultural issues. 

      • This longer format option increases available content in two ways;  

        • It explores issues and themes in greater detail, so, works will be significantly longer, adding to content volume

        • It also creates an opportunity for artists to effectively cover subjects and themes that an individual song of average length would not be adequate for, thus increasing the variety of content subject matter open to artistic interpretation  

    • The structure of AWNTK website also encourages other creative individuals to participate in adding to the AWNTK story by showcasing their artistic works on the AWNTK site, making the site a magnet for additional relevant original content  

  5. A shift from streaming sites like Spotify to individual artist Subscription services:

    • Streaming, and even downloading services, are not very profitable for most artists

    • Artists and podcasters are looking for ways to increase direct subscriptions as a source of regular income and subscribers require a reason to make regular subscription payments

      • AWNTK gives subscribers much more than just access to the AWNTK music it also includes;

        • access to ongoing discussion forums about the music

        • access to interactions with the artist about their music

        • access, through reciprocal links, to other musical artists, content creators, individuals and organizations who operate in the same 'niche' themed market-place

        • access to podcasts and information about upcoming events related to the subscription and artists work

        • subscribers will have an opportunity to provide ongoing feedback to the artist about their work and performances

        • subscribers who are also content creators will have an opportunity to showcase their own original material on the AWNTK site if it relates to the themes of AWTK

        • all subscribers also will have access to the works of content creators who have chosen to showcase their creations on the AWNTK site

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