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The songs on this page were recorded by several different artists to provide an idea of how "All We Need to Know" could sound with different arrangements and musical styles.


Fernando Varela


Fernando Varela is an American Tenor who has recorded with Andrea Bocelli, he regularly tours with David Foster, and the trio "Forte" that he performed with placed 4th in the 8th season of America's Got Talent.

Fernando strongly believes in the messages of tolerance, peace, compassion and love that are the primary focus of the All We Need to Know project and graciously agreed to record a short video message and a demo of the title song to show the power and potential  the AWNTK project would have in the hands of an extremely talented and experienced artist.




 Love Is All We Need To Know!  

Performed by Fernando Varela

Verse 1 

(see below for alternate version of lyrics)

Please God, Can you hear us pray, 

We need to find, A better way, 

Before we drown in our tears, 

Hatred is, A faithless heart, 

With an empty beat, 

That tears apart, 

Everything that it fears.



Easy come, easy go,

love is precious, let it grow,

Easy come, easy go,

love is all we need to know.

And Love is all we need to know.

And Love is all we need to know.


Verse 2

Please God, Help us see, 

An eye for an eye, Won't set us free, 

Unless we all want to be blind.

Vengeance is, A pointless knife, 

With no respect, 

For the broken lives, 

It always leaves behind.





Waiting at King's Cross station,

flowers in his hand, 

Ten to nine in the morning,

he'd had so many plans,

A thousand dreams are shattered,

in the blinking of an eye, 

Where do we go from here?

It's up to you and I.

And Love is all we need to know. 

And Love is all we need to know.


Verse 3

Teach us, To love our foe, 

And understand, What we need to know, 

To really set our spirits free.

Give us strength, To rise above, 

And fill the world, 

We know, with love, 

For all humanity,

Demo Songs Performed by the Pink Floyd tribute band: "All In All"

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